About Us

Our company provides the complete preparation of water management for buildings:

  • drinking water connections
  • sewage connections
  • drinking water distribution
  • sewage networks
  • relocation of water mains
  • relocations of sewage lines

Made-to-order connections
If you decide you'd like to have the administrative process of arranging a connection to a public water main and public sewage handled comfortably and without further care, we offer you the use of our services:

  • we prepare design documentation in accordance with technical requirements of waterworks companies in the wording of Act no. 442/2002 Coll. on Public Water Systems and Public Sewage Systems,
  • we prepare and arrange an opinion regarding the connection, which is necessary for a building permit,
  • we work up a price estimate for the preparatory and building work when establishing connections to a water main or a sewage line,
  • in the case of connecting to a water main or sewage line using our employees, we prepare the necessary documents for you and take further administrative steps according to Act no. 50/1976 Coll. on land planning and building regulations (the construction law) as amended, in accordance with § 80 of the building code,
  • we will decide with you on a time for carrying out the work,
  • •materials, assembly work and transportation costs will be invoiced to you according to our company’s current applicable price.

The organizing of a water main or sewage connection doesn'’t necessarily have to cost you a lot of time, troubles and money. If you are interested, be sure to contact us.